Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling is an empowering method, which intergrates personal storytelling and a dynamic group process. Participants are offered a safe space to explore creativity and self reflection. Through the process they experience a mutual recognition and understanding, and by the end of the workshop everone has created a small film with their own story. More details here.

Any group of people can benefit from a workshop. I regularly offer classic 3-day workshops, but if you already have a group, we can tailor a workshop to your needs. The method is flexible and meant to be accessible for everyone, no matter the ressources.

I have facilitated Digital Storytelling workshops since 2014, and I’m a part of Digital StoryLab located in Copenhagen.

“By now all my friends and family know about this amazing experience you’ve created for us. With such intuition, tactfulness, empathy and sensitivity! I am in awe and so grateful you invited me for this experience!” (From participant evaluation, Dec. 2016)

See all the great stories created during our workshops at our Vimeo channel. Here it is the beautiful “Frequencies” by Kasia Kowalska, about overcoming depression.